Victorious Villages

What it is

Thousands of villagers die from filthy water. When we install a well, it provides fresh, clean water. The run off water is used for the duck ponds and gardens; which provide new income and prosperity. The children no longer spend half there life hauling water. This gives them time to go to school. Thus saving them from being sold into sex or economic slavery.  

How does it work?

The giant impact we are having on poor villages is spectacular! We educate the villages, train them in prosperous careers and improve the health and wealth of the community! Every step of Victorious villages is amplified as they reach out to their neighbors with the good news. God wants us to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

How can I help?

It cost l$1,000 to drill a well. It cost $1,000 to start a duck pond and veggie farm. This is a very prosperous career! It takes about $1,000 to start a school and about $1,000 to train a minister to be a career trainer. your vital help is most needed. Please pray and ask how you can participate.