Rescue a Child


 One million children are raped daily!  We can rescue a child tonight! We can bring them redemption and restoration for as little as a dollar a day. We can change a destiny. And give a child healthcare, schooling, and a good home.  We need you! Please help end slavery in our generation!


 We have found a way to rescue children, without much planning. Our safe houses help with immediate care. This is their immediate redemption and long term salvation. At a restoration house they are given healthcare, trauma care, and are equipped to enter one of our children's homes. This is a one year program that costs one hundred dollars a month.  Please help


 Restoration is the most important part of our ministry. Once the brutal savagery of child sex slavery is stopped and the immediate care of the child has been provided. The long process of restoration begins. Our dear orphans receive spiritual parents and long term care; where they learn to live, love, and laugh. We can send a child to a university for a hundred dollars a month. Please help!

Sponsor A Child

Your monthly contribution of a dollar a day helps provide healthcare, schooling, and a good home. 

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