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Teaching the poor to prosper

Judah in India

Opportunities in the market

Judah in India

Changing the atmosphere

Judah is in India!

Prospering the poor

Victorious Villages


What it is

Thousands of villagers die each year from filthy water. When we install a well it provides fresh, clean water. The run off water is used for the fish ponds and gardens; which provide new income and prosperity. Also, the children no longer spend half their days hauling water. This gives them time to go to school, saving them from being sold into sex or economic slavery.  


How does it work?

The giant impact we are having on poor villages is spectacular! We educate the villagers, train them in prosperous careers, and improve the health and wealth of the community! Every step of Victorious Villages is amplified as they reach out to their neighbors with the good news of the gospel. God wants us to be healthy, wealthy and wise.


How can I help?

It costs $1,000 to drill a well. It costs $1,000 to start a fish pond and veggie farm. This is a very prosperous career in the villages. It takes about $1,000 to start a school and about $1,000 to train a minister to be a career trainer. Your vital help is most needed. Please pray and ask how you can participate with us.

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Home is where the heart is

Tiny Homes in Ogden

Tiny Homes


What is it?

Most ministers love their people but do not know how to lift them out of poverty.  A tiny home trains people how to own their own home and encourages them to invest in their future. We, together can truly prosper the poor! We can help people to own their own tiny home with as little as $500 per month! 


How does it work?

We vet our potential tiny home owners to be a perfect match for our investors. Our investors can make 25% and our people own their own home!


How can I help?

Together we can help! You can invest $35,000 from your IRA, 401k, or cash offering and receive a 25% to 50% financial benefit! Call me today to find out how? 253-861-5715

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What is a charitable micro loan?


Get a 25% to 50% benefit on your gift

We can give almost 50% return in benefits and cash to investors. We help our construction staff and investors prosper spiritually as well as financially. As we succeed greater things will happen for everyone involved!


Re-invest your financial benefits

We are praying for you to fulfill your destiny and to cultivate your legacy! Have you ever given to a ministry that gives you a financial benefit to reinvest? As we mentor the poor to prosper and support themselves through your gift we can do just that. Contact us to see how our IRS approved program can help you maximize your charitable donation and receive financial benefits at the same time.


Your IRA, your 401k, your savings or investment can change a destiny!

Our investors are getting 25% to 50% financial benefits by helping to prosper the poor. Tiny Homes are providing housing for people for as little as $500 down! Because you do charitable investing we are able to bless so many. Widows, orphans, needy, and those who have never owned their own home or had a career will learn to be self sufficient because of your gift and partnership! GOD BLESS YOU as you invest!