Making disciples as we go

Equipping and Empowering

One year Discipleship overview



Understanding how to follow Jesus

Week 1-2 Repentance

Week 3-4 Salvation

Week 5-6  Baptism

Week 7-8 Atonement

Week 9-10 Sanctification / Godly Character

Week 11-12 Expectations / This is not our home

Week 13-14 Kingdom work & rewards

Week 15-16 Christian Liberty




Intimacy with God (understanding the relationship)

Week 1-2 God remains the same (OT vs. NT God)

Week 3-4 The Trinity / God as the Father

Week 5-6 The Trinity / God as the Son

Week 7-8 The Trinity / God as the Holy Spirit

Week 9-10 Intimacy through prayer (speaking & listening)

Week 11-12 Intimacy through music (praise and worship) 

Week 13-14 Intimacy through reading & studying His word

Week 15-16 Intimacy through being a part of His family




Becoming the mission (Apostle or sent one)

Week 1-2   Learn how to share my faith (Testimony)

Week 3-4 How do I give my time? (Servanthood)

Week 5-6 How do I give my talents? (Spiritual gifts)

Week 7-8 How do I give my treasure? (Joyful giving)

Week 9-10 Tools for the mission: Favor through obedience

Week 11-12 Tools for the mission: Confession / Humility

Week 13-14 Tools for the mission: Accountability / Submission

Week 15-16 Tools for the mission: Conflict resolution

Our disciples are building Poly Clinics


What is it?

One billion people live in abject poverty. Many die from simple medical problems. A Poly Clinic supplies spiritual, mental, and physical aid. For one hundred thousand dollars we are able to buy and supply a clinic. We have dentists, pediatricians, gynecologist, nutritionists, and ministers ready to train interns, for this medical mission.   


How does it work?

We have a team of senior doctors who do medical missions. They are willing to set up the Poly Clinic and we do the primary funding for start up costs. They will make it self supporting! The interns will serve the poor, while the senior doctors serve the general public. Thus we will fund the development and needs of the clinic. All the staff will go on regular monthly medical missions to the poor as well.


How can I help?

Please invest or help us raise $100,000 to fund an entire clinic. Together we can serve a million poor people who do not have access to medical services. Your donation is so vital. God bless you for helping us take care of the poor!

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