The water crisis is killing children

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink."

John 7:37


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Quench Soul Poverty

The water crisis is killing children. They are experiencing a true "soul poverty" that can only be quenched with living water.  Half the children living in abject poverty die because of filthy water and water borne diseases. Many fall victim to human trafficking.

Change a destiny transforms a village. We travel to destitute locations throughout the world and transform them into Victorious Villages.  Change a destiny puts faith into action, building Victorious Villages, so children can prosper. Our ministry is reaching children's lives, thanks to you! Where Change A Destiny goes, human trafficking is cut in half.

Change A Destiny creates wells of Living Water, to prepare the way for new life. Through the use of aquaponic farming only 5% of the amount of water is needed. Water is recycled through a rock bed vegetable garden and flows into a fish pond purifying the water and fertilizing the garden. Soon, life begins to thrive! 

Once the brutal savagery of human trafficking is stopped, healing and restoration begins. By bringing water out of the Earth, life begins to prosper. New skills are acquired as new systems enhance all elements of the children's daily activities.

Our children receive clean water, healthcare, trauma care, the security of spiritual parents, an education, career opportunities and long-term care in Victorious Villages where they learn to truly live for all they have been destined. Their lives are transformed and their souls prosper.   Change a destiny today and give a child life.

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It only costs $2,000 to develop one Victorious Village.

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Bring a child redemption and restoration.

We can do this for as little as a dollar a day.


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